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Empowering Parenthood


Prajayini fertility & wellness is an exclusive  online contemporary  gynaecological excellence centre, dedicatedly applying the timeless wisdom of ancient ayurveda and scientific research to solve various fertility issues , helping couples to achieve a healthy pregnancy and guiding them through a safe journey towards motherhood and beyond .

  • Our sanctuary focuses on guiding you through transformative practices like Beeja Samskar, Garbha Samskar, Soothika Paricharya, and Shishu Palana.

  • We employ evidence-based Ayurvedic interventions and personalized guidance.

  • Our approach includes Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle modifications, yoga, meditation, music and mantra therapy, and individual counseling sessions.

  • Our team of highly skilled doctors addresses a wide range of concerns, specializing in both lifestyle disorders and fertility challenges.

Today with a fast paced lifestyle and growing dependency on technology we are committed to reiterate the need for healthy unassisted pregnancy . At present the world has woken up to the premise of living an authentically holistic lifestyle. Fortunately. Prajayini is the journey to this wellness. 

Join us on this enchanting journey, where miracles bloom and dreams come alive.

"आरोग्यं भाष्यतां ते जीवनं शुभमस्तु।"

About Us
Pregnant Woman in Yoga Pose
  • Beeja Samskar is an Ayurvedic practice for pre-conception care and pregnancy preparation.

  • It optimizes the health of both prospective parents before conception.

  • It involves Ayurvedic therapies to purify and strengthen reproductive tissues in both partners.

  • Includes following an Ayurvedic diet, using Ayurvedic medicine and supplements, regular exercise, stress management, and addressing health conditions.

  • Aims to improve reproductive cell quality, hormonal balance, and create an ideal environment for conception and a healthy pregnancy.

  • Couples who embrace Beeja Samskar can proactively support fertility, increase chances of conception, and ensure the future child's well-being.

  • Prjayini provides Ayurvedic prenatal care, also known as Garbha Samskar, nurtures the growing fetus.

  • Involves practices like  balanced diet, regular exercise, adequate rest, and mental-emotional well-being.

  • We utilizes mantras, music, and positive affirmations to create a harmonious environment for the baby.

  • Aims to promote physical, mental, and spiritual growth of the baby.

  • We ensure to fosters a deep connection between parents and the unborn child.

  • Complements conventional prenatal care for a holistic pregnancy approach.

  • Prajayini focuses on the well-being of both mother and baby.

  • Soothika Paricharya: Postpartum care for new mothers.

  • Prajayini recognizes unique postpartum needs and vulnerabilities, prioritizing physical and emotional recovery.

  • Involves nurturing practices to restore balance, replenish energy, and promote overall well-being.

  • Specialized dietary recommendations emphasize nourishing foods, herbal preparations, and easily digestible meals to support healing and lactation.

  • Ayurvedic oils and massages are used for rejuvenation, body strengthening, and relaxation.

  • Includes care of the newborn for 45 days.

  • Aids new mothers in regaining strength, restoring hormonal balance, and establishing a deep connection with their baby.

  • Ensures a healthy and smooth transition into motherhood.

  • Vandyathva Chikitsa: Ayurvedic infertility treatment.

  • Prajayini focuses on addressing infertility causes and enhancing reproductive health.

  • Involves lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments, herbal remedies, and therapeutic procedures.

  • Individual assessment based on Prakriti (constitution) and identifying reproductive system issues.

  • Treatment includes Panchakarma for toxin elimination, specific herbs, and supplements for fertility enhancement, and rejuvenation therapies.

  • We aims to tackle root causes, optimize reproductive health, and support natural conception.

  • Can complement conventional medical infertility treatments.


Unlock the Joy of Parenthood with Prajayini

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